Painting Tips

When It’s Time to Paint Your Home


A standard house painting job can last five to twenty years, much of this depends on the quality of paint and the type of wear and tear your exterior is exposed to.  Of course, it could be that you just want a new color and it does not matter how long its been since your last paint job.  If you are still looking for clues and red flags, exposed wood, rotting wood or peeling and chipping paint are definite signs of deterioration.


Good news, usually interior paint is only required when your unsatisfied with the appearance of your walls, due to either damage or color preference.

Devising a color palette for your book

Top 3 Tips for Color Selection

1. Go to a reputable paint store.  Select a few colors/shades and place the color chip(s) on your wall(s) to see how it looks

2. Neutral colors are always a great idea.  For interiors, your furniture and accent pieces will be all stars and easily interchangeable in the future.

3. Decide on the sheen (amount of shine) according to your needs and preferences.

Top Tips for Finding a Professional Painter

1. Go ahead and screen multiple candidates (three candidates is a good idea)

2. Get referrals from family, friends and neighbours

3. Search for good value, which is high quality work for a fair price