Painting Services


Many clients have a general idea of the themes and color coordination they are after and with our range of experience. We can help consult on what will look the very best for your home.  We’re able to use any paint brand and recommend that you research the exact look and feel that will suit your home and desires.  If you have absolutely no idea what colors you would like, we always have a range of ideas for any job and can assist you in choosing the best look for your home.

Power Washing

There are many instances when a full power washing job will need to be done in order to make sure there is no debris on any of the surfaces prior to painting.  We do offer a power wash service if there is sufficient need for us to do so.  

Preparation and Painting

We begin by covering carpets, floors, and furniture to ensure protection. Repair areas of damaged walls include filling and sanding of surfaces prior to applying paint. We apply two coats of paint unless otherwise determined.