Painters in Langley

I wanted to take a short moment to talk about my experience of being a Painter in Langley over the past few years. This might seem vain to some, but I actually have some memories I wanted to get written down.

When I was 15, I got my first job painting in Langley. It was with a common company most university students work for (I won’t even say what I think about them…) and I received basic training which stirred a passion only the ancients of Greece could truly understand. The work was tiring, long and constantly wanted to quit and just walk dogs for a living, but I kept at it. It was only after getting hired onto another painting crew which actually paid wages in money (instead of my first crew’s method of just giving shame and dog biscuits). It wasn’t long before my zeal was noticed and I was given a real chance to sub contract jobs where I was on control and given a real paintbrush instead of having to cut off my hair and glue it to sticks.

A Hero Rises

I was in charge now. Rising to quickly become the most powerful of the Painters in Langley and was growing a reputation for myself. My learning surpassed all of my teachers and I quickly found myself yearning for more opportunity. After working another few months to hone my skills. I created my own painting company


The Painter in Langley

In all seriousness, I love painting. It’s been such a blast to work with you amazing people and I’ve learned so much along the way. I hope to continue to have more opportunities to learn about this fantastic service industry. If this has stirred in you a desire to get some work done on your house, you can always give me a ring on the number below my logo. Looking forward to speaking with you.

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