How to Choose a Painter

Friends and family often ask me “How do I choose a painter?”. It seems like a really simple question that anyone could figure out, but after getting dozens of calls each year from neighbors who had a painter come and do a terrible job, I thought I’d share some wisdom on choosing a painter. I obviously want to make this as objective as possible because it’s important to me that any client of mine knows they have many options before going with my services. There are many painters in Langley, but my desire is that my client feels we’re the best company for the job and not the only option.

Questions to Ask

1. “How long have you been in business?”

The first question I would ever ask a painter in Langley is how long they’ve been in business. The simple truth is that people don’t often last when their work is poor quality. Most painters get their jobs from referrals, but no one is going to pass the name along of a bad painter. Ask the company how long they’ve been in business and even do some research by finding out when they incorporated their business to see if they are being honest.

2. “Do you have references?”

After doing this for years, I’ve learned the best marketing asset you can ever have is a satisfied customer. The Langley Painters has a list of names who can be called at any time to vouche for our quality and this makes a huge difference to potential clients. Ask your painter if they have references who can be called. I can’t stress the importance of this enough!

3. “Who do you hire?”

If we’re being honest about the industry, there are a large majority of painting companies who hire less than reputable or qualified individuals to do the job.  I could get in trouble for saying this, but I’ll state firmly that this is just my opinion. I have found in the past that the best employees are those who have a good attitude and a hard work ethic rather than professional training.

4. “Do you have insurance?”

Accidents happen even with the best of painters. The Langley Painters has never had an insurance claim, but some of our friends have had some bizarre accidents which was not caused by negligence but just circumstance. Make sure there is coverage for any job you have done because you don’t want to be on the short end of the stick in the event of an painting accident.

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