Our Favorite Painting Job in Langley

This job happened about 3 years ago in Murrayville. We were working on some of the new development homes near 5 corners and had a really tricky challenge in painting a 4 story home. No matter where we positioned our ladder we just couldn’t get a good angle to paint on some of the top floors. It was a beautiful day outside and everyone wanted to head to the beach after finishing the job but the day was dragging on from a slow down in speed due to the painting job issues. We finally decided to enter the home and just reach out the windows with extended rollers to get at the problem areas.

The reason our crew found this so funny was how a job can often go when you’re frustrated. It’s common to just try and approach every job the same way and give little to no thought to if there might be a better way to do the painting job. Everyone was laughing at how easy the job was to finish once we changed up our strategy and allowed for some creativity. Sure we felt ridiculous reaching out of a window with a roller, but it got the job done and we’re fine with that!

At the end of the day, we care about getting the job done with the best price for you. We’ve since adapted this strategy (being creative for each job) to all our projects and it’s allowed us to pass on the savings to you. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to pass on the painting savings by using our minds instead of being frustrated!

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