Our Favorite Painting Job in Langley

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This job happened about 3 years ago in Murrayville. We were working on some of the new development homes near 5 corners and had a really tricky challenge in painting a 4 story home. No matter where we positioned our ladder we just couldn’t get a good angle to paint on some of the top floors. It was a beautiful day outside and everyone wanted to head to the beach after finishing the job but the day was dragging on from a slow down in speed due to the painting job issues. We finally decided to enter the home and just reach out the windows...

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Why Should You Hire House Painters?

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“Isn’t painting a house easy?”. I get this question a lot from customers and I thought I’d take a minute to address the concern I have with this sort of question.   Do it yourself house painting is obviously always on option. We’ve seen some amazing work done by people who have little experience or even have ever held a paint brush. The reason I became a house painter was because I saw how with a lot of time and effort, you could really learn how to paint a beautiful house and when your an expert at...

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Painters in Langley

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I wanted to take a short moment to talk about my experience of being a Painter in Langley over the past few years. This might seem vain to some, but I actually have some memories I wanted to get written down. When I was 15, I got my first job painting in Langley. It was with a common company most university students work for (I won’t even say what I think about them…) and I received basic training which stirred a passion only the ancients of Greece could truly understand. The work was tiring, long and constantly wanted to quit and...

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How to Choose a Painter

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Friends and family often ask me “How do I choose a painter?”. It seems like a really simple question that anyone could figure out, but after getting dozens of calls each year from neighbors who had a painter come and do a terrible job, I thought I’d share some wisdom on choosing a painter. I obviously want to make this as objective as possible because it’s important to me that any client of mine knows they have many options before going with my services. There are many painters in Langley, but my desire is that my...

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